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Here at SoCal Arborists, we know how important tree health is to property owners. Properly cared for trees protect us from the sun, lower our home’s heating and cooling costs, and enhance the beauty and appearance of a landscape. However, when trees become overgrown, unhealthy, or damaged, they can become a danger both to property and to the health of people and animals who are around them. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, if you have dangerous trees on your property that need to be taken care of, SoCal Arborists will be there.

You can trust us to handle the tree care jobs that many other tree service companies don’t want to touch. Many companies will turn down jobs that involve trees near high voltage electrical wires or dangerously close to buildings. Here at SoCal Arborists, we have the training, experience, and expertise to safely handle all of these jobs, and we are insured so that you can feel secure that your property will be taken care of. For top quality tree service you can count on SoCal Arborists. Call us today!

tree care

  • Tree Crown Reduction

  • Proper Pruning 

  • Selective Thinning

  • Shaping/Lacing

  • Palm Trees Trimming & Skinning

  • Stump Removal & Grinding


  • New Sod or Seed

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Sprinkler Preparation

  • Soil Preparation

  • Tree Planting/ Transplanting

  • Concrete Removal

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